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Web Programming Services

Softek Business Systems has been involved with the Internet and Web since the early 1990's. This was before most people knew what the Internet was. Since that time we have specialized in e-commerce and commercial web sites. Softek's experience in Web programming goes further than programming for other companies. We created our own web company in 1994 with just one product line.

In 1994 we started our web company on a lark. We tried selling an exotic keyboard, called the Kinesis keyboard. Today we are one of the largest egronomic keyboard dealers in the United States. In fact, we are the largest ergonomic keyboard dealer in the east coast of the United States. And, the ONLY place we sell the Kinesis Keyboards is on the web. We do NOT market this product thru any other advertising medium. To visit one of our many e-commerical web sites, please click here,

We have gained a lot of experience and knowledge from building web sites for other companies. But, our best experience came from putting our own money up front. I think they call that, "Putting your money where your month is". Our experience in risking our own money up front has been profoundly invaluable. We learned the right things to do, and the wrong things to do with our money. When you hire our company to build or enhance your web site, you will get our unique experience and expertise.

Softek does not build pretty sites that win awards. But, we do build sites that invite customers to buy, and build your bottom line. And, the bottom line is what counts. Our site has been profitable since 1995, and continues to be profitable today. The business magazine, "Business Week" reported in their April 2001 issue, that big sites still are not profitable, but those little sites just keep on making money. Building profitable multi-million dollar sites, like Amazon and e-Bay, is very hard to do. But, building small and cheap sites does make money. Softek can assist you with building a realistic site.

The site home page is very important. When a potential buyer clicks on your site, you need to let them know that you don't want to waste their time. Web customers have little patience. If your site loads slowly, they leave before they even see your home page. Your site must to load quickly. Softek has been known to build quickly loading sites. This helps keep customers at your site. Softek has also invested in software that reduces the size of the images, while keeping the image resolution approximately the same. This is extremely important. Softek can help you with the difficult customer retention problem.

Site navigation is extemely important. If the customer does not believe that he will find the product he or she is looking for quickly, they just leave. You might actually have what they are looking for, but it is extremely important that you let the customer know this. Softek's experience can help you with this difficult problem.

You should not be fooled into believing that the web will make you rich over night. This rarely happens. But, most businesses have reported that the web consist of 5-15% of their business, and the number continues to increase each year. Many of the web customers, are customers you would not have ever gotten thru your normal business channels. You should approach the web like a new business. It will start slow, but each year it just gets better and better. Our company can help you make a better determination of what to expect.

Some items sell very well on the World Wide Web. Items such as the Kinesis Keyboard sell very well. Items, such as, large furniture (Dining room tables) do not sell well. We can assist you in creating and executing a prudent plan of selecting the right products for your e-commerce site.

Anytime you are dealing with customers world-wide, payment becomes an issue. We can assist you in the pros and cons of the proper payment selection, and how to handle returns. Many people are also not aware that credit cards usually increase your sales by 300 percent on the average. This is great, except most credit card companies terminate the relationship when they hear the word, "Internet". We can help you find the best Internet Credit Card companies that also offer Shopping Cart Software Services.

Product pricing is extremely important. If the customer knows what they want, then price becomes an important factor. How to price your products is equally important. If you have a customer who wants to purchase a product, but they don't like your price, you lose. Softek can assist you in determining how to select the right price for your products.

Getting people to come to your site is one of the trickiest parts of a web business. One of the best known methods is loading the search engines. Knowing the rules of each search engine is invaluable. The best search engines have the most difficult rules. Search engines also evaluate your site to help determine where to place you in list very long list of competitors. The more work and experience you use in loading the search engines, the more people who will come to your site. There are also companies that will load your site for a small amount of money, but this generic loading often results in poor placement, and low sales. Softek can assist you in the very important detail.

Selecting the right web development company is the most important decision you will ever make. Softek would like the opportunity to help your company build the most successful web site for your dollar.

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