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After 5 years of development, Softek is ready to release it's new Electronic Forms package.
  • Create any type of Form
  • A/P & P/R Checks, invoices, quotes, PO, etc
  • General Reports
  • Government Forms like W9, Resale Certificates, CBP 7501, 941, etc
  • Full Library of existing forms
  • Multiple carbons - send each carbon to a different printer
  • Duplexing Terms & Conditions on the back
  • Archive all print jobs for viewing & reprinting
  • Handles Barcodes and Images
  • Has a full API Interface with the Apps - No source code changes!
  • Full security system to control unauthorized viewing
  • Full security system for building and changing forms
  • System designed for high-speed building of forms
  • Ability to create a paperless system
  • Ability to manage many reseller accounts
  • Can import & export forms for reseller / Customer changes
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