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Outsourcing: Softek can provide your company with a minimum of a part-time programmer to a complete MIS staff to run your entire MIS operations. We even have in-house Applications Software to completely run your Internet Web Company.

Some smaller companies, with 5-100 employees, cannot afford a full-time programmer. Softek can provide "on-demand" programmers to meet these needs. Some companies, have tried to hire full-time programmers, but often suffer from "learning-curve" problems or have them leave for better opportunities.

Some larger companies, have a staff of MIS employees, that just will not produce. Some companies become entrenched with the "non-productive" syndrome. That is, 100 employees cannot produce a fraction of what they are capable of. Sometimes hiring an outside MIS staff brings a more effective productivity results.

Sometimes an investor, or an outside company want to develop a software package, but they cannot find those highly talented and highly productive MIS people to make the project a reality. This is where Softek comes in. We can provide your company with a partial or full solution to this very difficult problem.

There are thousands of individual people who have created an E-commerce web site, but cannot handle all those phone calls during the day, or have the knowledge to handle the state and federal requirements. Softek can help with complete management of the company, or provide sales and shipping procurement.

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