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Since 1989, Softek has providing consulting in the following areas:

Disaster Recovery and Planning: Softek can provide your company with disaster recovery planning and implementation. This may be from data damage, natural disasters, data corruption, malicious attacks, disaster planning, etc.

Expert Witnesses: Softek can provide your company with Computer Expert Witnesses, Case Technical Analysis, Opponent Behavior Determination, Case Resolution, Computer system examinations and data retrieval, and Jury Selection by Personality Profiling. Most complaints claim that the merits to their case involve hardware failures, software quality issues, improper programming, sabotage, fraud, fraudulent demos, Fraudulent Representations, Improper networking, Improper electrical wiring, Insurance claims, etc. We can provide technical analysis to explain to a jury whether this is or is not the case. We can provide services for both State and Federal Court Cases, as well as Labor Department and Insurance hearings.

General Consulting: Softek has provided general computer consulting in a variety of areas. We can provide Computer Business Plans for both short-term and long-term needs. We can provide Management Conflicts Resolutions with the use of some of our Personality Profilers, who are also programmers. We can also provide recommendations for proper and efficient accounting control and flow. We have specialist on staff that handle Accounting, Manufacturing, Retail, and Wholesale implementations.

Management Consulting: Softek can provide management consulting in the area of Accounting and MIS management. Softek can also provide complete management of your company.

Project Management: Softek can provide your company with complete or partial Computer Project Management. This can be project management for software implementation, or software development projects.

Purchase Consulting: Softek can provide your company with Purchase Consulting for Computer System, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, and related services.

System Integration: Softek can provide your company with knowledgeable System Integrators to help you plan out, and implement hardware and software system. This service may include, but not be limited to, Scheduling Plans, Implementation Plans, Program Modification Specifications, Training Schedules, Data Conversion Planning, System Testing, Parameter Setups, etc.

Conflict of Interest Notice: When Softek has been hired to perform Consulting in a particular area, this will prevent Softek from providing other services and/or products.

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